Frequently asked questions

Here we answer questions, which are often provided by debtors. By clicking on the questions below you get the answers. Should you not find an answer to your question here, please send us an E-Mail or use our contact form.

Where do I find the file number?
You find the file number on the top right on the letterhead of the covering letter beside the date. The information of the file number is necessary compelling for an unequivocal allocation of your collection process. If your inquiry contains incomplete or faulty information, this will be allowed for juridical reasons neither work on nor answer.
Which personal data must I give?
If you step with us in contact, we need from you the file number, surname, given name and date of birth to exclude mistakes. Their informed data are defeated by the protection of personal data according to the regulations of the federal data protection act (BDSG).
What is to be followed on the payment?
Give on every payment and every correspondence always the file number located on your covering letter.
What is if I can‘t keep to the time limit set by IGP Inkasso?
Should it not be possible to you to keep to an agreed payment, please get in contact with us to prevent other costs-causing steps. Use moreover with pleasure our prepared contact form.
What must I do if my address or my name has changed?
Inform us please in writing or by telephone of the name change or of address change. Use moreover with pleasure our prepared contact form.
Does this debt collection stand now in my SCHUFA information?
As a contracting partner of the SCHUFA, IGP Inkasso announces every open, not denied debt existing to you to the SCHUFA. A negative SCHUFA-Entry has serious results: no loan / overdraft facility at the bank, no EC-card, no calculation purchase in dispatch trade, no mobile phone contract, no credit card, perhaps no new tenancy etc.
Can I pay the open debt directly to the creditor?
No, we have received from our client the authority to collect the debt; therefore all payments are to be made directly to us.
Must I pay the collection fees?
According to §286 BGB the debtor has to refund the creditor the damage originating from the delay. This is also valid for the costs of the claim of a collection enterprise for the recovery of the debt.